British boy, 6, found unconscious at bottom of ship pool

A six-year-old British boy is in intensive care in France after being pulled unconscious from a pool on luxury cruise liner Independence of the Seas.

The upper deck on the Independence of the Seas. Credit: PA

The unnamed boy, who was on holiday with his parents, was discovered in the pool around 2pm yesterday when the ship was off the French Atlantic coast, The Times reported.

His was no longer breathing when he was pulled out of the pool but the ship’s doctor managed to get the boy's heart beating again before he was transported by a French navy helicopter to a hospital in Brittany.

Yann Bouvard, a spokesman for the maritime prefecture in Brest, said: “What is terrible is that children can drown without making any noise at all.

He added: “We’ve never had a case of a boy drowning in a pool on a ship before, but we have, unfortunately, a lot of experience of that happening in pools on land, and we know that it can happen to anyone, anywhere.”