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Clegg insists Cable 'was not aware' of Oakeshott poll

Nick Clegg has insisted Vince Cable was not involved in a failed attempt to oust him as Liberal Democrat leader. During his regular Call Clegg show on LBC he said: "He was absolutely not aware of polls elsewhere."

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Lib Dem minister: Vince Cable 'doing what he should do'

Liberal Democrat Transport Minister Baroness Kramer has defended Vince Cable.

She told BBC Two's Newsnight:

All I can say is Vince has made a categorical statement, I'm comfortable with that.

He said that basically (Lord Oakeshott's) behaviour has been inexcusable.

As far as I'm concerned he's doing what he should do, which is he's in China working for the British economy and state.

Asked whether Dr Cable knew that Lord Oakeshott's polls were asking about the Business Secretary's suitability as a potential Lib Dem leader, Lady Kramer said:

I haven't talked to Vince.

Knowing Vince I very much doubt it because you just look at the statements that Vince made before he left for China, he was very supportive of Nick Clegg, he understands what our job is for the next year, he's made those same kind of statements in China.

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