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Losing 3% bodyweight can 'have significant effects' for obese

Obese people are being encouraged to lose 3% of their bodyweight as it can have significant effects, said new NHS guidance. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is urging a "respectful and non-judgemental" approach to obesity.

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Losing weight 'takes resolve and encouragement'

Losing weight "takes resolve" and "encouragement" and the NHS needs to take into account how much of a struggle it can be to diet down to a healthy BMI.

Professor Mike Kelly, director of the centre for public health at Nice, explained:

It is not something where you can just wake up one morning and say 'I am going to lose 10lbs' - it takes resolve, it takes encouragement, and one of the things about involvement in these programmes is the mutual support from others who try to do the same thing seems to be hugely helpful from a motivational point of view.

It is not just a question of 'for goodness sake pull yourself together and lose a stone' - it doesn't work like that, what we are trying to acknowledge here is the reality that people carrying excess weight face.

– Professor Mike Kelly

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