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Top scientists urge WHO not to clamp down on e-cigarettes

A group of top scientists have urged the World Health Organisation to not classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. The group of 53 experts claimed that e-cigarettes present an opportunity to slash diseases and deaths caused by smoking.

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Scientists urge WHO not to clamp down on e-cigarettes

A group of 53 leading scientists has written to the World Health Organisation (WHO) urging the body not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

The experts say e-cigarettes are "part of the solution" in the fight against smoking-related diseases and their use should not be discouraged.

The scientists say health policymakers should not be trying to restrict the use of e-cigarettesl Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Leaked documents from a WHO meeting suggest the organisation sees e-cigarettes as a "threat" and wants them bracketed along with other products containing nicotine, including regular cigarettes.

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