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Suspects 'confess' to gang-rape and hanging India teenage girls

Three detained suspects have confessed to the gang-rape and slaying of two teenage cousins who were found hanging from a tree in northern India last week, according to local police.

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Villagers surround tree where girls' bodies hang

The girls bodies continue to sway off the tree (unseen) as local people gather in silent protest. Credit: APTN

The mango tree where two teenage cousins in India were found hanging after being raped by their attackers, police said, has been surrounded by local people protesting in silence about alleged police inaction in the case.

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The girls' bodies were found hanging from the tree on Wednesday morning, hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village in Uttar Pradesh, police chief Atul Saxena.

Autopsies confirmed the girls had been raped and strangled before being hung, Saxena said. Credit: APTN

The girls had gone to the fields to use the toilet as they had no toilet in their home.

Indian TV footage showed the villagers sitting under the girls bodies' as they swung in the wind, preventing police from taking them down until more suspects were arrested.

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