Orphaned wolf cubs rescued from Alaska wildfires

Five ophaned wolf cubs were rescued by firefighters after wildfires tore through their home in Alaska, USA earlier this week.

Rescuers heard yapping coming from their den and found one of the pups looking for help.

Two of the pups are being treated with antibiotics because of porcupine wounds near their eyes. Credit: John Gomes / Alaska Zoo

“We were trying to figure out how we were going to get our large bodies in the small hole,” Kenai National Wildlife Refuge deputy manager Stephen Miller said.

“One of the smaller firefighters agreed to go in there, and he ended up getting the [other] four out.”

The wildfires were sparked by humans earlier this month and cover about 200,000 acres. Credit: John Gomes / Alaska Zoo

All the animals are recovering at Alaska Zoo, where they are being treated for spike wounds caused by porcupine who likely sought solace in the wolf dens when trying to escape the fires.