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Exposed insurance fraud claims 'worth £1.3bn'

The combined cost of fraudulent insurance claims hit a record £1.3 billion last year, industry watchdog, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) found. Fraud is estimated to add up to £90 to the cost of everyone's general insurance policies.

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Staged crash involved 'seven members of same family'

Sixty people, including seven members of the same family, were convicted for their role in a series of staged accidents which involved over £514,000 of fraudulent insurance claims, an industry watchdog said.

The ABI estimated a total £1.3bn in insurance fraud was committed last year. Some of the wackiest fake claims also included:

  • A professional golfer who claimed £8,000 on his income protection policy for a knee injury that he said left him unable to work, but was caught on camera giving golf lessons. He was ordered to do 140 hours unpaid community work.
  • A woman was jailed for 22 months following a series of invented street robberies for items including laptops and designer clothes.
  • A vet was jailed for two years for inventing veterinary claims totalling nearly £200,000 for treating non-existent pets.

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