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Treasury accuses SNP costs of being 'wholly inadequate'

The Treasury has stepped up calls for the Scottish Government to set out what the start-up costs for an independent Scotland would be, branding the administration's recently-published analysis of the country's finances "wholly inadequate".

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Danny Alexander: SNP report 'wholly inadequate'

The SNP administration has been accused of not fully disclosing the cost of independence, according to the Treasury. In his news letter to Scotland's Finance Secretary John Swinny, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander wrote:

The analysis the Scottish Government has published this week on Scotland's finances is wholly inadequate.

Your position, as I understand it, is that people in Scotland should vote in September without any proper estimate from you of the costs of setting up a new state.

I am writing to formalise the request that the Scottish Government publish its detailed assessments of the cost of establishing or reforming the departments and organisations that would be required in a new Scottish state

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