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Treasury accuses SNP costs of being 'wholly inadequate'

The Treasury has stepped up calls for the Scottish Government to set out what the start-up costs for an independent Scotland would be, branding the administration's recently-published analysis of the country's finances "wholly inadequate".

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SNP demands apology from Treasury over 'bogus stats'

A spokeswoman for Scotland's Finance Secretary has accused the Treasury of producing "bogus figures" and called for an apology to an academic. Danny Alexander accused the SNP administration of making the case for leaving the UK on a "false prospectus". John Swinney's spokeswoman added:

Danny Alexander is trying to mask the fact he has been caught red-handed this week cooking the books on independence - both he and the Treasury must now apologise to the academic whose work they so grossly misrepresented, and withdraw their bogus figures.

Scotland is among the wealthiest countries per head in the world, and we need the powers of independence to ensure that wealth creates a fairer society.

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