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D-Day veterans honoured 70 years after Normandy landings

Heroes of the liberation of Europe were joined by world leaders as tens of thousands of people remembered the courage and sacrifices of servicemen on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

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Heads of state gather for D-Day memorials

World leaders will gather in northern France to remember the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives at D-Day, later today.

Thousands of allied soldiers perished as they stormed the Normandy beaches. Credit: PA

Heads of state from 17 nations, including the Queen, will gather for an international ceremony at Sword Beach, one of the five Allied landing beaches across a 50-mile stretch of Normandy coastline.

The landings, which began 70-years-ago on June 6, was the largest airborne and amphibious assault in military history.

It was there that thousands of troops came ashore from the Channel to help turn the tide of war into an eventual victory against Hitler's Germany.

For many veterans, now in their late 80s and 90s, who have made the annual pilgrimage to honour the 156,000 Allied troops, this year's events will be their last to the scene of their exploits.

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