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UK has 'two weeks' to protect against major computer virus

The UK has a "two week period" to protect itself from a major computer virus that could give hackers access to sensitive information - costing the country millions of pounds, the National Crime Agency has said.

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How to find out if your computer has been infected

More than a million computers around the world have been hit by a powerful malware designed to infect computers and mine them for valuable information.

The FBI said users should check for the following symptoms if they fear their computers could have been attacked by the GameOver Zeus malware:

  • Computer system operates very slowly
  • Cursor moves erratically with no input
  • Unauthorized logins to bank accounts or unauthorized money transfers
  • Text-based chat windows appear on a computer’s desktop unexpectedly
  • Computer files lock up and a ransom demand is made to unlock files

Around 15,500 computers in the UK have been hit, the National Crime Agency said.

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