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Scottish Tories set out merits of a 'no' vote

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has set out her party's plans to give Holyrood more tax-raising powers if the 'No' campaign wins this year's independence referendum.

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SNP: Voting 'Yes' only way to get more Scottish powers

The Scottish National Party have dismissed Tory proposals for enhanced powers for Holyrood in the event of a 'no' vote in September's independence referendum.

Annabelle Ewing, an SNP member of the Scottish Parliament, said: "The only way to get the powers Scotland needs to build a fairer society and stronger economy is to vote Yes in September.

"There isn't a 'more devolved powers' option on the ballot paper."

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, will set out proposals for extra tax-raising powers in a speech in Glasgow this morning.

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