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Legal protection for 'responsible employers and do-gooders'

Red tape from "Britain's health and safety culture" is to be stripped back so responsible employers and do-gooders are granted greater legal protection, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced.

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Stripping red tape for do-gooders 'common sense'

Removing red tape to protect good samaritans and responsible employers is "common sense", according to the Justice Secretary.

Plans to change the law so judges will have to give weight to factors when deciding negligence cases, including whether someone was acting responsibly, will give good samaritans the legal protection they deserve, Chris Grayling said.

I don't want us to be a society where people feel that they can't do the right thing for fear of breaking regulations or becoming liable if something goes wrong.

I don't want us to be a society where a responsible employer gets the blame for someone doing something stupid.

I want a society where common sense is the order of the day, and I believe this measure will help us get there.

– Chris Grayling

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