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D-Day veterans honoured 70 years after Normandy landings

Heroes of the liberation of Europe were joined by world leaders as tens of thousands of people remembered the courage and sacrifices of servicemen on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

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French town turns out to honour D-Day veterans

Residents in the Normandy town of Thury-Harcourt turned out this morning to pay tribute to veterans of the D-Day landing.

British veterans brave the wet weather in Thury-Harcourt. Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell Smith

Local children sang God Save the Queen to the British veterans in the town, which was liberated from Nazi control following the Allied operation 70 years ago.

A group of French children sang God Save the Queen to the British veterans. Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith

Later today the veterans will travel to a ceremony at Sword Beach, scene of some of D-Day's fiercest fighting.

British veteran Bob Laverty (left) stands alongside the mayor of Thury-Harcourt, Paul Chandelier, for a wreath-laying ceremony. Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith

Bob Laverty, who was among the 59th Staffordshire soldiers who liberated the town, told ITV News that when they arrived the area was "blitzed, there was nothing here".

A British flag flies alongside a memorial in the town. Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith

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