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Pension reforms announced in Queen's Speech 2014

Plans for giant "pooled" pension schemes with the potential to boost people's chances of getting a better retirement outcome have been unveiled in the Queen's Speech. The legislation will enable "collective schemes" that spreads risk between members.

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Law changes to make it easier to frack under homes

Changes to laws will make it easier for companies to frack under people's homes without their permission.

Greenpeace protesters demonstrating against fracking outside David Cameron's country home today. Credit: PA

A controversial new Infrastructure Bill could include measures that allow shale developers to drill under houses and land for shale oil and gas.

The developers are currently facing a "legal block" of thousands of people across the country denying them permission under trespass laws to drill under their properties .

Announcing the bill in her speech to Parliament today, the Queen said: "My Government will introduce a bill to bolster investment in infrastructure and reform planning law to improve economic competitiveness.

"The bill will enhance the United Kingdom's energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal site and maximising North Sea resources."

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