Madeleine police 'taken by surprise' by discovery

By Martin Geissler, ITV News Correspondent

There have been a couple of developments here that have taken us and have perhaps taken the police teams by surprise.

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At the very edge of the wasteland where officers are searching are a couple of white tents.

Under them is a hole. They found it yesterday, it was covered by a couple of sheets of corrugated iron and then that was covered by some soil.

Police erect white tents over a hole they found during the search for Madeleine McCann. Credit: ITV News/Gareth Owen

They dug away and they pulled these sheets apart yesterday and they found this very precise hole in the shape of a square - now, that's of interest to them, they didn't know it was there.

We've seen a couple of police officers in forensic suits inside those tents, we don't know what they've found, we don't know if it is of specific interest but we do know it's something they didn't anticipate when they got here

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