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Pension reforms announced in Queen's Speech 2014

Plans for giant "pooled" pension schemes with the potential to boost people's chances of getting a better retirement outcome have been unveiled in the Queen's Speech. The legislation will enable "collective schemes" that spreads risk between members.

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Miliband: Queen's Speech 'needs to rise to challenge'

Asked today what the country can expect from the Queen's Speech, Labour leader Ed Miliband said it needed to "rise to the challenge".

"We heard at the elections the depth of discontent there is with the way the country's run and we we need a Queen's Speech that rises to that challenge.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said 'we need a Queen's Speech that rises to the challenge'. Credit: Pool

He added: "So a labour Queen's Speech would be making hard work pay, reforming our banks, building homes again in Britain, freezing energy bills, meeting the big challenges our country faces."

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