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Number of baby blood poisoning cases rises to 21

Three more cases of blood poisoning linked to a batch of intravenous liquid given to babies have been identified. Public Health England said yesterday that a batch was "strongly linked" to the death of one baby and the illness of 20 others.

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Blood poisoning relates to single incident on single day

Public Health England said it is "fairly confident" there was "a single incident that happened on a single day to a limited number of products" following the blood poisoning death of a baby and the infection of 14 others.

Dr Deborah Turbitt told Good Morning Britain: "This company has made products for years and years and years and there has not been a single incident like this.

"It is a very unusual incident and we haven't seen any other babies become ill.

"We think that the number of babies who have been infected we now know about and can be fairly confident that there aren't other babies and it is not an ongoing problem."

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