Court hears accused 'diverted' £245,000 from accounts

The prosecution in the trial of a married couple accused of murdering the wife's parents claims the defendants funded their lifestyle by "diverting" large sums of money from the victims' accounts.

ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman, who is at Nottingham Crown Court, reports:


Prosecution: over 15 years, the Edwards claimed £170,000 in state benefits in the Wycherley's names, and sold their house for £66,000.


In total, over the years, it's claimed the Edwards diverted £245,000 of the Wycherleys' money into their own account.


Prosecution: the Edwards submitted false documents and forged the dead couple's signatures to take out loans in their names.

Both Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher deny murdering her parents, William and Patricia Wycherley.


Woman tells jury she 'lost it' and then shot her mother

A woman accused of burying her parents in their garden after murdering them told a jury of the moment she "lost it" and shot her mother. Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher both deny murder.