Dramatic rescue of baby whose pram rolled into river

A one-year-old girl whose pram rolled into a river during a boating event was dramatically saved from drowning by her mother and a passing rower, who leapt in after her.

A baby who fell into a river after her pram rolled off a quayside was saved by a passing rowing team. Credit: SWNS

Victor Martinez, 51, from the the British Dragon Boat Racing Association, heard the child's mother screaming after her daughter's buggy suddenly tumbled into the water during the British Dragon Boat race in Exeter, Devon, on Sunday.

He immediately dove in to help the unnamed woman lift the child's heavy pram to the surface. Both mother and baby were safely pulled to the quayside.

Mr Martinez said: "I didn't think about it, I just ran and dived straight in the water. I think I hit the water at the same time as the buggy. I didn't think twice.

"The buggy was sinking quickly and I dived down to get under it to try push it to the surface...I was struggling to keep the buggy at the surface when I saw the girl's face for the first time - she was screaming and crying.

He added: "I looked into her eyes, which were full of river water, and just thought that she wasn't going to drown today."