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McCanns pleased at renewed Madeleine search

Kate and Gerry McCann have said they are "very pleased" that significant activity has taken place in Praia da Luz over the last 10 days.

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McCanns 'encouraged' by investigation in Portugal

The parents of Madeleine McCann have said they were feeling "encouraged" by this week's events, as British police carry out investigations on an area of scrubland close to where she went missing in Portugal.

A British police officer checks soil samples dug from a hole in an area of wasteland Credit: PA

Writing on their Official Find Madeleine Campaign Facebook page, the McCanns said: "We are kept updated on the on-going work in Portugal and are encouraged by the progress", the message said.

They added: "We would like to ask people to refrain from spreading rumours and speculation based on inaccurate press reporting".

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