Prosecution claims couple lied 'to fund their lifestyle'

The prosecution has claimed a woman and her husband accused of murdering her parents 16 years ago lied to their family to "fund their own lifestyle".

ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman reports from the court:


Prosecution: £40,000 was taken from them & never traced. Accusation is it all "went into the pockets of the defendants."


Prosecution: for 15 years, "they lied to family, neighbours, doctors & financial institutions" to convince people victims were still alive.


Prosecution: purpose was to "fund their own lifestyle and help solve their own financial problems."

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Woman tells jury she 'lost it' and then shot her mother

A woman accused of burying her parents in their garden after murdering them told a jury of the moment she "lost it" and shot her mother. Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher both deny murder.