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Barack Obama backs Scotland staying within UK

The United Kingdom appears to have "worked pretty well", Barack Obama declared as he said America's interest in the Scottish referendum issue was to ensure it retained a "strong, robust, united and effective ally".

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Salmond: Scotland could be extra ally for Obama

Responding to Barack Obama's intervention on the referendum, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond borrowed Mr Obama's most famous election slogan to declare "Yes we can" have independence.

Mr Salmond said:

As President Obama rightly observes, the decision on Scotland's future is up to the people of Scotland.

We are deeply fortunate as a nation that we have the opportunity to gain our nation's independence in such a profoundly democratic way, as Mr Obama himself previously acknowledged - and not through conflict as has been the case with so many nations, including the United States itself.

An independent Scotland will mean that America has two great friends and allies here rather than one.

We are focused on securing a vote for independence this September and making Scotland a land of opportunity - and our message to the people of Scotland in the campaign in the months ahead is 'Yes we can'.

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