Man in gorilla costume shot with tranquiliser dart

A zoo worker who dressed up in a gorilla costume to make a practice drill more realistic was shot with a tranquiliser dart by a colleague who mistook him for the real thing.

The man was wearing a gorilla suit like this one when he was shot with a tranquiliser gun. Credit: internets_dairy/Creative Commons

The costumed employee was mimicking an escaped gorilla at Loro Parque in Tenerife yesterday when a vet, who wasn't aware of the drill, shot him in the leg with a tranquiliser dose designed to subdue a 400-pound gorilla, La Opinion de Tenerife newspaper reported.

The man had an allergic reaction to the dose and was taken to University Hospital of the Canary Islands, where he is in a serious condition.

In 2009 an employee at the same zoo was killed by an orca whale during a training session.