Woman survives 'honour killing' after being shot by family

An 18-year-old Pakistani woman has survived being shot and thrown into a canal by her family, for marrying the man she loves, police have said.

A local officer explained Saba Maqsood had been attacked and shot by her father, uncle, brother and aunt and thrown into the waterway, after marrying "her neighbour for love, five days ago, against the wishes of her family."

So-called "honour killings" in Pakistan have attracted worldwide condemnation. Credit: REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood

The family are accused of taking her to Hafizabad, shooting her twice and dumping her in the canal, presuming she was dead.

She was later able to escape and find help nearby.

"It is an honour-related incident," Akbar told Reuters. "She is a brave girl. She came out of the canal and approached a nearby fuel station from where a rescue team rushed her to hospital," he said.

The incident comes weeks after an "honour killing" rocked Pakistan and caused outrage across the world.