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May denies breaking Ministerial Code over Gove letter

Home Secretary Theresa May has denied Labour allegations that she broke the Ministerial Code by authorising the publication of a private letter to Michael Gove about alleged extremism in some Birmingham schools.

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Labour: Ofsted inspection criteria 'not fit for purpose'

Labour's shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said the current inspection criteria was "not fit for purpose" and should be extended to ensure problems like the concerns around protecting children from extremism do not emerge again. Speaking to Radio 4's Today programme, he said:

I don't think the inspection criteria is fit for purpose, in the kind of schooling we want. We want a much broader criteria to ensure that we don't have these problems arise.

He also called for a local oversight of schools, with directors on the ground in charge of driving school standards in a bid to avoid the problems affecting schools in Birmingham.

You can't run all these schools from behind a desk in Whitehall so we need local systems of oversight and accountability.

We need a local director of school standards so we don't end up like the kind of situation we're seeing in Birmingham which is of national significance.

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