Man living in an airliner plans a second in Japan

Bruce Campbell, who lives in a Boeing 727 deep in the Oregon woods, is one of a handful of people worldwide from Texas to the Netherlands to have transformed retired aircraft into living spaces.

Bruce Campbell lives in a plane in the woods and is gradually recreating its original features Credit: REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

Mr Campbell, 64, was in his early 20s when he paid about $23,000 for 10 acres which he originally planned as a home for freight vans, but he decided a plane would be better.

Mr Campbell bought the plane after hearing about a Mississippi barber who had done the same Credit: REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

He is working to restore some of the plane's original features, from the cockpit to flight stairs, a working lavatory, LED lighting and some of the seats.

Mr Campbell now wants to do it all over again with a plane in Japan Credit: REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

After spending $220,000 and several years bringing the plane into a liveable condition, he wants to do it all again - this time with a Boeing 747 in Japan, where he spends half his time.