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Gove adviser 'attended key Trojan Horse meeting' in 2010

Michael Gove's adviser attended a meeting in 2010 where concerns about an alleged plot by Muslim hardliners to takeover some Birmingham schools were raised, the Independent says. Mr Gove said he was unaware of his department's Trojan Horse warnings.

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'Dodgy dossier ripped the heart' from communities

Former Respect leader Salma Yaqoob described the 'Trojan Horse' document as a "dodgy dossier".

Allegations of an extreme Islamist plot in a number of Birmingham schools are "ripping the heart" out of the city's communities, a former councillor has said.

Salma Yaqoob, former leader of the Respect Party who previously served on Birmingham City Council, told ITV News: "The reality is no evidence of extremism has been found - that's what people should be shouting following this Ofsted release."

Ms Yaqoob called for an investigation into how the allegations were made without "any truth at the bottom" and called for Michael Gove to apologise to the people of Birmingham.

"These were excellent schools with outstanding results and a huge emphasis on moral, social and cultural activities aimed at inclusivity - not at isolation in the way that is still being reported."

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