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Gove adviser 'attended key Trojan Horse meeting' in 2010

Michael Gove's adviser attended a meeting in 2010 where concerns about an alleged plot by Muslim hardliners to takeover some Birmingham schools were raised, the Independent says. Mr Gove said he was unaware of his department's Trojan Horse warnings.

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Governor: Ofsted claims 'whipping up racial hysteria'

The chair of governors at a Luton school deemed inadequate by Ofsted has said the education watchdog's findings were "whipping up racial hysteria".

It is a half-baked, highly politicised report, replete with factual inaccuracies, and based upon an inspection that was abandoned halfway through.

The inspectors come into our school looking for evidence that we promote extremism and intolerance, quizzing nine-year-old children about their attitudes to homosexuality, gay marriage and terrorism.

They found no evidence.

We gave ample evidence of how our school prepares children to participate as active members of British society citing assemblies on topics as diverse as tolerance, love for humanity, law and order, and being British and Muslim.

– Farasat Latif, chair of governors, Olive Tree Primary School

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