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Gove adviser 'attended key Trojan Horse meeting' in 2010

Michael Gove's adviser attended a meeting in 2010 where concerns about an alleged plot by Muslim hardliners to takeover some Birmingham schools were raised, the Independent says. Mr Gove said he was unaware of his department's Trojan Horse warnings.

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Headteachers 'left to battle rogue governors alone'

Ms Hewitt Clarkson says headteachers currently lack support to challenge governors.

A headteacher at a Birmingham primary school says school leaders currently do not have enough support to tackle governors thought to have extremist views.

Speaking to ITV News after watching today's Commons statement from Education Secretary Michael Gove, Sarah Hewitt Clarkson, head of Anderton Park primary school, said the biggest issue that needed to be addressed was how governors linked to extremism were dealt with.

"At the moment it feels like an individual battle with headteachers trying to get the right governors on a governing body," she said.

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