May 'ducked questions' on Gove letter, Labour MPs claim

Labour MPs have criticised Theresa May for "ducking" questions over who authorised the release of a letter she wrote to Michael Gove about alleged radicalisation in some Birmingham schools.

The Home Secretary told the House of Commons that she "did not authorise" the release of the letter but members of the opposition, including the shadow leader of the House of Commons Angela Eagle, complained she would not say who did.


Home Sec ducks the direct question on who authorised the release of the letter again #extremism


Teresa May still failing to reveal who authorised publication of her letter to Gove on Home Office website and why it stayed up for 3 days.


Theresa May refuses to say who authorised the letter on HomeOffice website. Evasion. If it was her that's a resigning matter.


May denies breaking Ministerial Code over Gove letter

Home Secretary Theresa May has denied Labour allegations that she broke the Ministerial Code by authorising the publication of a private letter to Michael Gove about alleged extremism in some Birmingham schools.