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Plans to raise maximum speeding fine to £10,000

The maximum fine for speeding on motorways will be increased to £10,000, according to Government plans. Drivers caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel will face a £4,000 fine.

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Motorists viewed as 'a soft touch' group claims

The head of a motoring activist group has condemned plans to raise motorway speeding fines to £10,000 and claimed it showed that the government viewed motorists as "a soft touch."

£10,000 for speeding is grossly disproportionate. There is an unwritten threat with fixed penalty fine that no matter how strong the case of the motorist maybe, it could stop them from going to court because they fear a massive fine.

"The other strange thing about this is that they seem be proposing a maximum fine on the roads that are safest. Surely a maximum fine should be for going fast on residential and high risk roads.

– Rupert Lipton, National Motorists Action Group

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