Police confirm five killed in Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas Police have confirmed five people have died in a shooting which began earlier today in a pizza restaurant.

Cici Pizza
Police have codoned off the area where the shooting took place. Credit: REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus

Two policeman were among the dead, a spokesman for the force confirmed.

The officers were believed to have been eating lunch when the shooters entered Cici Pizza before gunning them down, with one shouting: "This is a revolution".

The shooters then fled to scene to the local Walmart where they believed to have shot and killed one other person before turning the gun on themselves.

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Two police officers among five dead in Las Vegas shootings

Five people were killed in a shooting which began in a Las Vegas pizza restaurant, local police confirmed. A man and a woman shot two officers at Cici Pizza at 11:30am before entering a nearby Wal-Mart, shooting another person and killing themselves.