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Domestic violence set to soar during World Cup

Police across the UK have set up specialist units to deal with the expected rise in domestic assaults and abuse as the World Cup tournament kicks off in Brazil. Research shows the threat of violence in the home increases when England play.

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Refuge: Domestic violence happens all year round

Refuge chief executive Sandra Horley said it was important to recognise that domestic abuse happens every day of the year, and is not caused by football.

Refuge chief executive Sandra Horley. Credit: Press Association

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Speaking as a police forces across the UK launched campaigns encouraging victims to speak out, she said:

"It's important to be clear - football does not cause domestic violence. Lots of men who abuse women have no interest in sport whatsoever, and many men who are avid football fans never lay a finger on their partners.

"Domestic violence happens all year round - whether the England football team is playing or not. [...]

"The police should be encouraging women to reach out for support every day of the year, not just during the World Cup."

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