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Gove adviser 'attended key Trojan Horse meeting' in 2010

Michael Gove's adviser attended a meeting in 2010 where concerns about an alleged plot by Muslim hardliners to takeover some Birmingham schools were raised, the Independent says. Mr Gove said he was unaware of his department's Trojan Horse warnings.

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'Trojan Horse' school governor says claims untrue

Father Oliver Coss, a governor at one of the 21 schools investigated over an alleged takeover plot by hard-line Muslims, said the claims made against Regents Park primary school were "completely untrue".

Father Coss told BBC Breakfast: "Our school was named in a document, which has become known as the 'Trojan Horse' document, as being one where the head teacher and the deputy head teacher had been removed by an insurgency. Those allegations we utterly rejected.

"I do think it is right that once criticisms or complaints are made about schools that we see them through and make sure we know that we have answers.

"I think there is a genuine risk of making it seem as though Islam is the same as extremism, or Islam is the same as terrorism, those things are categorically not true."

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