Primates as pets ban rejected by MPs

MPs have rejected an immediate ban on keeping monkeys and other primates as pets, despite pleas from animal rights campaigners.

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The amount of UK households with a monkey kept as a pet is not known. Credit: PA

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee dismissed "draconian" prohibition preventing people from taking in primates as pets.

MPs pointed to a lack of "reliable, compelling evidence" as to why they were rejecting the ban.

The RSPCA has estimated the number of primates kept as pets is roughly between 2,000 - 7,000. Other campaigners have put it is high as 20,000.

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MPs reject immediate ban on monkeys being kept as pets

MPs rejected an immediate ban on primates, such as monkeys, being kept at pets, despite protests from animal rights campaigners who say the animals cannot be properly cared for "in a household environment".