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Some passport interviews suspended amid backlog

Interviews for first-time applicants for passports have been suspended in London as staff struggle to deal with the 30,000 backlog of applications, the Home Office has said.

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Half a million passports delayed, MP claims

The government owes apologies to "tens of thousands" of families who face having their summer holidays ruined by delays at the passport office, an MP has claimed.

Geoffrey Robinson, Labour MP for Coventry North West said delays at the Passport Office now ran to 500,000 applications.

"Call them delays, call them in process, call them whatever you want... people in their constituencies are not getting their passports in anything like [the normal time].

"The Government has left it so late in its reaction to this burgeoning problem there is probably no time left to deal with it in the relatively short period we have building up to the holidays - that's one of the tragedies of the situation.

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