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Thousands of repeat offenders keep appearing in court

Thousands of criminals are coming before the courts with more than 10 previous convictions, figures have shown. Some 166,529 cases in England and Wales involved criminals who had been punished more than 10 times before.

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Repeat offender data shows 'something is not working'

Ministry of Justice figures, which show thousands of repeat offenders keep ending up in court, shows the justice system "is clearly not working", a member of the Greater London Authority Conservatives who requested the data said.

It is shocking to see our justice system periodically churning out the same crooks with yet another conviction under their belt. Something is clearly not working.

Prisons cost more than boarding schools and yet they appear to be seasonal all-paid-for retreats for certain individuals. This is a gigantic burden on our courts. We need to give first-time offenders an initial 'sharp shock' - harsher penalties, training and effective rehabilitation - to scare them out of a life of criminality.

If they have a drug problem, get them on a programme. If they lack vocational skills, train them up.

There may be short term costs, but long term gains for society. We will save the public purse huge amounts of cash if offenders learn their lesson the first time and ditch crime for good.

– Tony Arbour, a member of the Greater London Authority Conservatives

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