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Man trapped in Germany's deepest cave for 12 days rescued

A caver who has been trapped in Germany's deepest cave for 12 days has been rescued, according to reports. Johann Westhauser, who suffered head injuries, surfaced this morning after a long rescue operation.

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Rescue of man trapped in German cave 'won't be easy'

A doctor has said the rescue of a severely injured man, trapped in Germany's deepest cave, "won't be easy."

Doctor Christoph Specht told news channel NTV: "The conditions are extremely narrow.

"There are only a few people in Germany who know how to handle such a rescue."

Members of the Chiemgau mountain rescue service speak to the press. Credit: aktivnews/DPA

The cave on the border of Austria, has only been explored by researchers since 2002, is more than 19km long and up to 1.15km deep.

The 52-year-old cave explorer, named by local media as Johann Westhauser, is trapped in the cave at a depth of 1,000 metres.

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