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Judges rule 'core' of major terror trial can be held in secret

The "core" of a major terrorism trial can be held in secret, the Court of Appeal has ruled. However, the judges said the defendants, who were previously identified as AB and CD, can now be named as Erol Incedal and Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar.

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Court of Appeal judge: This case is exceptional

A Court of Appeal judge said the "core" of a major terrorism trial will be held in secret as "this case is exceptional."

Lord Justice Gross, one of three judges who made the decision, said:

We are persuaded on the evidence before us that there is a significant risk - at the very least a serious possibility - that the administration of justice would be frustrated were the trial to be conducted in open court; for what appears to be good reason on the material we have seen the Crown might be deterred from continuing with the prosecution.

The trial is due to start at the Old Bailey on June 16.

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