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Appeal after six-year-old boy is shot in neck in Dublin

Gardai investigating the shooting of a six-year-old boy in Dublin have appealed to whoever was involved in the incident to come forward.

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Neighbour: Shot child 'looked so small and scared'

The six-year-old boy who has been shot in the neck in Dublin was understood to have been stood in the hallway of a house when two men approached the front door, according to the Irish Independent newspaper.

The men are said to have knocked before firing into the hallway and the boy was reported to have been hit in the neck, either directly or by a ricochet.

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A local woman told the newspaper:

I heard a bang, I thought someone had smashed my window.

I came out and everyone was screaming. I stared throwing towels out to people who were helping him to stop the bleeding.

I couldn't look, it was horrible. He looked so small and scared. His glasses were up at his forehead.

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