How to store and prepare chicken safely

Preventing "cross-contamination" can help safe lives after it emerged washing raw chicken could expose cooks and diners to life-threatening bacteria.

Professional cook Marcus Bean walked Good Morning Britain through the steps of properly caring for uncooked chicken and how best to avoid food poisoning.

Storing chicken in a fridge running below 5C, separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods, using tongs to transfer the meat and having a bowl of clean, hot water to hand can all help prevent cross-contamination.

Marcus added: "People look at the chicken and they might see a little bit of juice or a touch of dirt and the natural thing is to wash it under water. But all you're doing is just spreading bacteria...By cooking chicken you kill bacteria - you don't need to rinse it."


Stop washing raw chicken, experts warn

Health experts have urged people to stop washing chicken before they cook it to avoid food poisoning. More than two-fifths of cooks say that they wash chicken as part of their food preparations.