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Two more Palestinians killed in search for missing Israeli teens

Two more Palestinian men died overnight during Israeli raids as part of the search for three Israeli teens thought kidnapped by Hamas. It takes the total dead to six. More than 300 Palestinians have been arrested since the youths' disappearance.

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Hague calls for action to release abducted teens

William Hague has urged the release of three abducted teenagers believed to have been kidnapped by Palestinian militants in the West Bank.

Israelis take part in a mass prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, for the return of three teenagers who were abducted. Credit: Reuters

"I strongly condemn the abduction of three Israeli youths in the West Bank," Mr Hague said.

"My thoughts are with their families and I hope for their safe return home soon. I appeal to those who are able to bring about their release to take urgent action to do so."

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the teenagers' disappearance on Hamas, saying he held the Palestinian Authority responsible for the disappearance.

Palestinians reject his claim and insist the trio went missing on Thursday in an area under Israeli control.

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