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Theresa May apologises for passport application delays

Home Secretary Theresa May has apologised for delays in processing passport applications and insisted the Government is doing all it can to deal with the situation.

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Head of the Passport Office faces a grilling from MPs

The Passport Office boss faces a grilling from MPs today in the wake of thousands of people seeing their holiday plans put in jeopardy because of a backlog of applications.

Head of the Passport Office faces a grilling from MPs. Credit: PA

The agency was accused of being in "chaos" and its head Paul Pugh will appear before the influential home affairs select committee to explain the long delays in handling cases.

The Passport Office has been accused of presiding over a shambles, and last week interviews for first-time applicants for passports were suspended in London as staff struggle to deal with the 30,000 backlog of applications, which are normally dealt with in three weeks.

A Home Office spokeswoman said it was normal practice during busy times to redirect people to passport offices outside of London, and that only a "handful" of people had been affected.

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