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Schools inspector: 'Teachers should confront bad Parents'

"Bad parents" should be confronted by teachers and headteachers should be given powers to fine mothers and fathers who fail to support their children's education, the chief inspector of schools has said.

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Sir Wilshaw: Headteachers should fine bad parents

The chief inspector of schools has spoken of his experiences as a head teacher in London's inner-city schools saying he told people if he thought they were a "poor parents."

The chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw. Credit: PA

In an interview with The Times, Sir Michael Wilshaw said: "I was absolutely clear with parents; if they weren't doing a good job I would tell them so. It's up to head teachers to say quite clearly, 'You're a poor parent'.

"If parents didn't come into school, didn't come to parents' evening, didn't read with their children, didn't ensure they did their homework, I would tell them they were bad parents.

"I think head teachers should have the power to fine them."

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