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61% want three year welfare wait for EU immigrants

Almost two-thirds of Britons believe immigrants from within the European Union (EU) should wait at least three years before they are allowed to claim welfare benefits, a survey of social attitudes has shown.

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Survey: Most think English a must to be 'truly British'

A survey of more than 3,000 Britons over immigration was published after unprecedented success for anti-EU Ukip at recent local and European elections presented major challenges for all three major political parties.

Some 95% told the survey to be "truly British" you must be able to speak English, while 74% said it is important to have been born in Britain to be considered British.

In an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural country, we might expect people to be more relaxed about what it means to be British, yet the trend is going in the opposite direction.

It is now harder to be considered British than in the past and one message comes through loud and clear, if you want to be British, you must speak English.

They want tougher rules on benefits and many are unaware of the policies that are in place to control immigration.

– Penny Young, chief executive of NatCen Social Research

And 61% of British people think immigrants from the EU should have to wait three years or more before they are allowed to claim welfare benefits.

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