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1/4 parents 'give children alcohol at end of exams'

Almost a quarter of parents will give their child alcohol to celebrate the end of the exams this summer, according to a Drinkaware survey. The alcohol charity warned 14-17-year-olds would consume nine units of alcohol in post-exam celebrations.

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23% of parents 'give child alcohol after exams'

Nearly a quarter of parents give their child an alcoholic drink to celebrate the end of their exams, a survey from a health charity revealed.

Most parents were unaware there was a medical reason for setting the alcohol limit at 18. Credit: PA

Drinkaware said their figures revealed how on average 14-17-year-olds would get through nine units of alcohol during the post-exam furore.

That meant teenagers were likely to consume the equivalent of four cans of beer, an entire bottle of wine or a third of a bottle of vodka, the charity said.

Outside of the exam celebration period, more than half (54%) of parents surveyed said they have given their child an alcoholic drink.

The large majority (86%) of parents whose children have asked them for alcohol have given it.

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