MP Hancock settles with constituent over allegations

MP Mike Hancock has reached a settlement with a constituent who accused him of sexual assault.

Independent MP Mr Hancock has repeatedly denied the allegations and the settlement relates to a civil action brought by the woman, who has remained anonymous.

ITV News Westminster producer Adam Smith has tweeted.


MP Mike Hancock has reached a settlement in the civil action brought against him by constituent who alleged sexual assault


MP Mike Hancock has issued an apology to his constituent for "any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition" @itvnews


Mike Hancock admits he conducted an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with his constituent @itvnews


Clegg: Disgraced MP Hancock should resign from Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has called on disgraced MP Mike Hancock to resign from the party. The Deputy Prime Minister said: "He should resign from the party. Of course he should. Absolutely."