Police probe possible Islamic dress link to attack

Police are investigating the possibility that a woman who died after being attacked on a footpath was targeted because of her Islamic dress.

Although officers said there was no "firm evidence" of the attack being motivated by the victim's religious dress, they said this was one of "the main lines of investigation".

"We are conscious that the dress of the victim will have identified her as likely being a Muslim and this is one of the main lines of the investigation but again there is no firm evidence at this time that she was targeted because of her religion," Detective Superintendent Tracy Hawkings said.

The woman, who was in her early 30s, died after suffering head and body injuries in the attack on Tuesday morning on a footpath in the Essex town of Colchester.

Essex Police confirmed she was wearing a dark navy blue full length robe called an Abaya, and a patterned multi-coloured Hijab headscarf.