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PM calls for 'immediate action to develop dementia drugs'

David Cameron has called for real action by drug companies to tackle what he called one of the greatest enemies of humanity - dementia. The Prime Minister pointed to a market failure, with the launch of only three dementia drugs in 15 years.

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PM calls for 'urgent development of dementia drugs'

The Prime Minister will call for more to be done to accelerate the development of dementia medication, in a speech at a conference of experts trying to tackle the disease.

Dementia is estimated to cost the UK economy billions as workers leave their posts to care for their relatives. Credit: PA

David Cameron will warn more must be done to address what he sees as a "market failure" on dementia research and drug development.

The Conservative leader's comments come as the UK hosts a major conference on the growing threat posed by dementia, which is expected to effect one in three people over 65.

Last year the UK used its presidency of the G8 to host an international summit on dementia, which ended with experts setting a global ambition to find a cure by 2025.

At the first of the legacy events following the summit, Mr Cameron is expected to pledge a new drive by the UK to discover new drugs and treatment for the condition.

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